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Experience the Joint Therapy Solutions difference

We are NOT your typical therapy staffing company. We are on a mission to elevate home health therapy to a level that has never been done before. Do you want your agency to stand out among the rest? Partner with Joint Therapy Solutions!


Reducing costs, optimizing revenue, and ensuring quality care is critical in today’s climate of declining reimbursements and limited resources. Joint Therapy Solutions helps you manage these challenges by providing exceptional therapists that deliver unsurpassed clinical outcomes. Let us focus on your patient's therapy needs, while you focus on growing your agency.

Why Outsource Your Therapy Department?

Improve Margins & Reduce Labor Costs

By outsourcing labor, you create opportunities within your organization to reduce administrative positions and cut costs. With additional resources at your disposal, you provide yourself the ability to reinvest in the parts of your agency that need it most. 

Direct Your Focus On Growing Your Agency

Do you ever feel like your team is so busy in the whirlwind of daily tasks that they aren't able to devote the necessary time to help take your agency to where it is capable of going? Outsourcing your therapy department to a company with extensive knowledge and a proven track record of success allows agencies to focus more efficiently on their core business.

Patient Satisfaction

The most important metric in knowing you’ve been successful in providing quality service is patient satisfaction. Outsourcing to a company with a specialized focus leads to enhanced patient care and superior clinical outcomes.

Why Partner With Joint Therapy Solutions

Unmatched Quality

Joint Therapy Solutions prides itself on hiring top-quality therapists. Prior to joining our team, each therapist undergoes a rigorous screening process to ensure that their skills, experience, and personality meet our high standards.

Superior Communication

Communication is key! We strongly believe that open, complete, timely, and accurate communication among and between those who provide care to a patient in the home is essential. Our team prioritizes communication and will ensure thorough and frequent communication with your agency and its care team.

Better Outcomes

We understand the shift towards value=based care and the importance of getting patients better, with fewer resources. Our team has deep knowledge and experience in the home health industry. We strive to help patients meet and exceed their goals, while only providing the care that the patient truly needs. 

Advanced Technology

Joint Therapy Solutions applies advanced technologies that provide superior ways to connect and ensure patients get the care and attention they need. The result is high-quality patient care, easier processes, and a broader geographic reach.

Perfect Partnership

Unlike other contract therapy companies, we don't merely want to work with your agency, we want to PARTNER with your agency! We will go the extra mile to help your agency succeed within the ever-changing healthcare industry. We know that the more successful you are, the more successful we are!

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